Disability law firm

People with disabilities have rights just like any other human in the world. Disability law ensures the safety and well-being of these people. Mainly focusing on disability insurance which is offered by an employer to their employees, it ensures those who cannot work due to disability get benefits from their employers. Disability lawyers are there to help claim those benefits and assist in the appeals process. 

A disability law firm is made up of two or more disability lawyers. Like any other law firm, it has partners, associates, and other employees. The more the partners and employees the bigger the law firm. 

Disability law being a specialized field in law practice means that not any lawyer can handle cases about disability. Disability lawyers go through undergraduate law school. After they sit for their law school admissions test, they go through a normal 3-year law school term, and then the following 2 years will be spent on specializing in disability law. 

Mostly, these lawyers work in private practice, but also in law firms, and some just work on their own. Due to the nature of the type of law they practice, they rarely go to court ad just work in offices. Disability lawyers also don’t get paid the same as other lawyers. They only get paid if the case is won, unlike other lawyers who get paid upfront. They are paid not more than 25% of the client’s benefits from the case and have a maximum amount depending on the country the lawyer practices in. 

Although, there is a perk to that. If there is a petition to the case, the lawyer can ask for more than 25%. Lawyers generally get paid well. Earning salaries of over 10 million Ksh in a year. Disability lawyers also fall into that salary spectrum, depending on how they practice. Those working in large firms tend to earn a bit more.  

An experienced disability lawyer can decide to start a law firm with the help of other lawyers. It is easier with experience as the lawyers have built a reputation in the field and can sign and represent more and more clients in their firm. 

It is highly advisable to have a disability lawyer when filing for disability benefits. This is to avoid slipups and to find ambiguities. When hiring one, and considering a disability law firm to hire from, it is better to start with those recommended by family and friends. Due to their affordable service fees, it is better to go for the bigger law firms with more experience for good results. Furthermore, expertise and courtesy are highly considered. 

They should always keep the client updated on the information about the case and be available if any inquiries arise. They also offer free consultancy on your case and also inform the client of their expert experience, and charge for their services. It is always advisable to meet a few lawyers before choosing one. These lawyers should, after learning all the actualities, give their honest expert opinion on the case. 

Once the right disability lawyer, who is in the best interest of the client, has been chosen, they are provided with all the necessary materials to work on the case. The lawyer might also need to request medical records and other documents for the client which may cost a small fee. All this is done to help the client in the case to claim their benefits. 

Many disability law firms are springing up due to the many disability lawyers. Helping many people with disabilities claim their benefits and better their lives. 

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Insurance Premium Financing- The Benefits and Risks

Insurance has evolved over years to include almost every aspect of life. We are now surrounded by insurance companies offering different policies and some will knock at your door to show you what they offer. We now have insurance policies for things that we did not imagine to be insured before I premium F solutions.  

Do you know that it is possible to insure your planned wedding? People who worry that their costly wedding may face an unpredictable bad ending such as the bride/groom getting injured or the wedding being cancelled at the last minute may apply to get the insurance that will cover their costs. Another such uncommon insurance cover is the insurance of a body part. Someone who relies on a certain part of their body to earn a living may apply to have that part insured. Well, there are other policies in this “uncommon” category but that is a story for another day.  

Today we shift gears to Insurance Premium Financing. Suppose you want to buy an Insurance Policy to cover any aspect of your life or other’s either the common life insurance policy or one of the uncommon such as talent insurance and you have a problem paying the premiums as a whole upfront, then the option will be Insurance Premium Financing. In this way the person seeking to be insured gets in contract with their bank, the bank pays the premium in whole and the insured pays the bank in instalments. By this method, the insured has a chance to have an otherwise expensive Policy in considerably cheaper instalments. 

The Benefits 

Insurance can be extremely expensive for many people, in that case only Insurance Premium Financing makes sense to those who wish to enjoy their life worry-free. 

It can save your assets. You will not worry about liquidating your assets to pay for insurance. 

In some countries, capital gains taxes shall be triggered on sold assets. Therefore without liquidating your assets to pay upfront, you will prevent being taxed. 

The Risks 

Like anything you purchase, insurance comes at a risk. Long-term insurance policies such as life insurance for 20 years may encounter Interest Rate Risk. Interest rates are variable and may be low at the time of insurance premium financing application but if they go up in the future then it may defeat the purpose of the insurance. 

Qualification Risk 

Your lending partner may require you to re-qualify every time the loan is renewed. For this purpose, your collateral must be evaluated too. If your collateral does not meet the required minimums, then you run the risk of having to provide more collateral to your loan. Additional collateral may also be required should the cash surrender value start under-performing. 

Bottom line 

Insurance Premium Financing is a great strategy for some individuals. A competent financial advisor may help mitigate the risks associated.