How To Be Your Own Best Landscape Artist

Want a classic landscape around your home? These stone types will deliver that

When you dream of a home, you see one that has everything including beautiful landscape. Everybody wants such type of a landscape around their homes. But it is not always easy to get. You have to go out of your way to invent certain components out of the obvious bracket. It is true that grass, trees, hedges, bushes, paths, ponds, waterfalls and so on are must-have aggregate base But introduction of gravel or stones spices things up. The pebbles, river rocks and granite are all capable of introducing a textural bam into your yard.

Rocks solve drainage issues and its texture is appealing. The many choices of form and color also makes your landscape look beautiful and natural. When you visit landscaping supplies, All Valley Sand and Gravel what options of rocks will you buy? Have a look at what rocks you can expect to find in the market.

Decomposed granite

This is a rock of the granitic origin but has already weathered to the level it is broken into smaller pieces. These particles can be mistaken with silk. You will find this rock in reddish tan. The color will then fade leaving a lighter tan as time passes by. If you want rustic patios or pathways, this is the rock to buy. Experts will recommend that you use stabilizers when applying this stone. Also, install them in layers usually thin ones to create compact surfaces. Finding decomposed granite is not a problem and the market offers it at affordable prices. On the bad side, getting rid of weeds might be a challenge and the small stones could adhere to the shoe bottoms. Landscaping fabric beneath the granite layer will help prevent growth of weeds.

Pea gravel

Right from the title, you can guess what these ones are. They are small chippings adopting the small size of a pea. When shopping though, you will find different sizes of pea gravel. There are also different colors including white, tan and brown. Cost depends on all these variations. Pea gravel works best for pathways, patios and such areas. It’s readily available and affordable. Some types are however expensive. Wheeling equipment e.g. lawnmower on the pea gravel could pose challenges.

River rock

They are much larger when compared to pea gravel. They can be in different sizes, colors and of course costs. If you want to introduce a natural like drainage in your landscape, these are the rocks to use. They are also ideal for dry creek beds. To make the best of river rocks, combine different sizes of rocks. Weeding can however be a problem.


Rock types for use in landscaping are endless Base You can always innovate your way and pick any. Other options include crushed granite gravel, beach pebbles among others.